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Merry Christmas blog family. It is hard to believe Christmas has come and gone, especially since there is NO snow here in Wisconsin. But, wow, that is all I can say when you are celebrating Christmas with a three year old.  Not sure if it is a wow, that was exhausting or wow, that was amazing. I think I will go with the latter of the two but it really was exhausting. Between our celebration with Heather and our little family Christmas as a family of three we celebrated six, yes six, Christmas’ this year. Oh, and one more to go in January. But I love every minute of it. Read More


Heather’s Response.


In case ya’ all didn’t catch Heather’s response to our Christmas get together, check it out below. I love hearing about their family traditions and I love making new ones with them. I will post about our family Christmas (6 of them to be exact!) later this week. But for now, enjoy! Read More

Christmas with Heather.


First of all, ya’all, I am pretty much caught up to “real time” on the blog. There are a few things I will still post about but for the most part, we are right up to real time in our relationship with Heather. That means as things happen and come up in this thing called life, ya’all are going to know about it, like, stat. Well maybe not that fast because, come on, let’s be real, I am a working mom, I don’t have that much time on my hands!!! But I can’t wait to share in this journey with you all. Read More



“There is just something so special about that little boy, he brings out the best in me.”  “And I realized 5 minutes later after seeing you guys I was still smiling, he made my day” I recently heard these words spoken of Jackson and it just hit me.  The power of this little boy has changed not only me, but has changed the world, already. Read More



Ok, so we have had our Christmas tree up since, I don’t know, November 5th or something like that! Yes, that is well in advance of Christmas and before Thanksgiving, I know. But we have perfectly good reasons for that. One, I absolutely love the Christmas season. Not necessarily the commercialization of Christmas, but the fact that it is Jesus’ birthday! And what a blessing to be able to bestow upon Jackson. Read More

Guest Post #2

Ya’all this post is brought to you by no other than my incredible husband. I love his willingness to open up (because if you know anything about him, he does not open up often) about his very own daddy. I challenge you to read it and not cry.  I challenge you to read it and not feel the amount of emotion that goes into losing your dad at such a young age and what that does to you when you have a child of your own. Oh, how I have said many times I wish I could have met Jeff. But I highly suspect that when I look at my husband I am seeing as close to meeting Jeff as I can. He has the same integrity, the same profound effect on many people, and the same love of Jesus his dad did. Read More

Heather’s Response


In case you didn’t get to read Heather’s response to my camping post, I have included it here. She points out some really good things, like the fact that we (meaning all of us involved) have no idea what this open adoption looks like. There is no manual for this. There is no “normal” plans for an open adoption. But if you were to ask me, I think we are doing a fine job at it! I hope you enjoy her response as much as I did! Read More