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Puzzles, Are They Your Thing?

I seem to remember as a child, my maternal grandparents loved puzzles. I don’t really remember if it was one of them more than the other but from what I can remember there was a puzzle on their dining room table all the time.… Continue Reading “Puzzles, Are They Your Thing?”

Nothing to Prove.

I have spent a majority of my life thinking I have something to prove. To everyone and to myself. It didn’t matter what I was doing, I felt I had to prove to myself for validation. I was focusing too much on proving my… Continue Reading “Nothing to Prove.”

Egg Shake Heaven

You may be wondering what Egg Shake Heaven means, but it’s actually a breakfast dish. Have you ever had such meal?  See, every morning my wife and I get up and work out. After we work out, we make breakfast which is about the… Continue Reading “Egg Shake Heaven”

What No One Tells You About Marriage.

Bulletproof. No, not the movie. No, not the fad drink– although I think they are delicious! Your marriage. Is it bulletproof?

A Letter to My Father-In-Law.

25 years ago today my husband lost his dad in an automobile accident. My husband was just days shy of his 10th birthday. Here is my letter to the father-in-law, I never got to meet. Dear Jeff, 25 years ago today you were taken… Continue Reading “A Letter to My Father-In-Law.”

Never Have I Ever.

Anyone ever play that game? I can’t remember if I have or if I haven’t, but I know how it is played. It is a great get to know someone game. I have also heard it is a good drinking game, not that I… Continue Reading “Never Have I Ever.”

Word of the Year.

Remember my post about my “word” for 2018? It was balance. Well this year I have coined the word “present.” No, not the way you are thinking! Well, of course I could always use a present, if you are buying! I mean, being present,… Continue Reading “Word of the Year.”

Have You Ever Wondered?

I closed my eyes for a few minutes the other day while putting Jackson to bed (I obviously was a little tired) and when I opened my eyes I saw Jackson staring right back at me. And then I started to wonder, what does… Continue Reading “Have You Ever Wondered?”

Dear 2019, What’s Up?

Hello blog family! I can’t believe it has been so long. I have a lot of logical explanations (or excuses- however you choose to look at) for not being around, but we will just look past that and look on to what the future… Continue Reading “Dear 2019, What’s Up?”

To The One Who Gets His Heart.

I am on a roll with reading articles or watching videos (too much time on Facebook, probably!) and having those articles really resonate with me. But I watched this video the other day.