Background Story

This may be a long post as I prepare you all for how we got to be a family of three through adoption.

I married my high school sweetheart. You read that right; I married by high school sweetheart. Not something that happens very often anymore but in our family 3 out of the 4 cousins did the same thing! Now as a parent I am not sure how much I like the idea of my 16 year old son dating a 15 year old girl. Somehow and luckily for us, it worked. I wasn’t 100% convinced I was going to marry this man while in high school or even into our first year of college but looking back I was 100% in love with him, I just didn’t know everything I needed to know at 18, 19, or even 20, heck I am not even sure I know everything I need to know now. I have learned a few things since then and whether you want to listen or not, I am going to share them with you. I will get downright personal with you all on this blog and somethings will be hard to read and some will even be hard for me to write but I have always had a way with getting things off my chest by writing them down. So, here goes nothing…
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