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Pardon the Interruption. PTI

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, we had Jackson’s 3rd birthday party last weekend and it took longer to “recover” than I had hoped! While I have been trying to keep this blog in chronological order to bring you all up to… Continue Reading “Pardon the Interruption. PTI”

Heather’s Reflection

If you haven’t seen Heather’s reflection to yesterday’s blog post, I have added it here.  She adds another dimension to my love for 3’s, FAITH, HOPE & LOVE!!! I’ve been reminiscing on all these wonderful memories while reading Jessica’s blog – laughing and crying… Continue Reading “Heather’s Reflection”

August 12. Part 3

Heather wanted a picture to show our 3 hands on Jackson to symbolize our love and protection for Jackson. I do not believe in irony, I believe in the hands of God. So part 3 is brought to you 3 days before Jackson’s 3rd… Continue Reading “August 12. Part 3”

August 12. Part 2.

The calm “wait” before the storm. We continue our journey through the day Jackson was born. If you haven’t, go back and read part one where we share the first part of the day with you all. Heather’s comments are in italics. Most of… Continue Reading “August 12. Part 2.”

August 12th. Part 1

I woke up to these words several years before Jackson was even a thought in our mind. “The best is still ahead.” And boy was he right. Heather and I will address the birth of our son, Jackson together over the next several posts.… Continue Reading “August 12th. Part 1”

Life Struggles.

He completes me! Before I get into Jackson’s birth story, I want to reach out to those who are hurting. I spent a lot of time questioning God, being mad at God, wondering when it was going to be “my turn” to have a… Continue Reading “Life Struggles.”

The Zoo.

(Update– please read my mom’s comment below to get her perspective on the meeting!) Our thought process was that both of our parents were going to be at the hospital and Heather’s family was going to be there too when the baby was born. … Continue Reading “The Zoo.”

The Meeting.

We were meeting Heather and our social worker at Olive Garden. Let me explain something, when most people are nervous they can NOT eat. I on the other hand, can eat a whole elephant if you let me!!! So, while we were trying to… Continue Reading “The Meeting.”

The Call.

Let’s get to the good stuff already. We had plenty of false alarms along the way, and a few “situations” we turned down as we didn’t feel adequate enough or enough awareness to raise a child being born addicted to this drug or that… Continue Reading “The Call.”

Getting There…

I was mad, I was mad at God, I was mad at my life, I was mad at myself, I was all around mad. So I turned that madness into fitness. I started doing a couch to 5k program with a really good friend… Continue Reading “Getting There…”