Category: Faith

I am His Beloved.

I wrote those words on a sticky note in my bible years ago after hearing a message preached in church. The truth of those words struck me like a lightning bolt. Let them sink in. The all mighty Heavenly Father, King of kings, Lord… Continue Reading “I am His Beloved.”

Moms This One’s For You.

The other day (which I guess has been more like the other month) I was doing my morning devotion- thank you Jesus for sneaking back into my life and reminding me that I needed to put you first or I wouldn’t have been doing… Continue Reading “Moms This One’s For You.”

Word of the Year.

Remember my post about my “word” for 2018? It was balance. Well this year I have coined the word “present.” No, not the way you are thinking! Well, of course I could always use a present, if you are buying! I mean, being present,… Continue Reading “Word of the Year.”