Big Decisions.


“I wish we weren’t gone so much lately.” That thought crossed my mind the other day and then I was reminded why we have been gone so much lately, which brings me to this post. Remember a few posts back (well actually a lot of posts back) where I defined family and was reminded about how much family meant to us? Well it means enough to us that we are picking up our belongings and what we have called our residence the last 5-ish years and moving back “home.” Well not exactly where we last called home, but back to be with our family. All of our family.  To eliminate all the need for speculation– we are moving to Mauston, Wisconsin. Now, before you think we have lost our minds, read on. Continue reading “Big Decisions.”

Dear Jesus.

2018-03-13 07.26.42

Oh you guys, we are in trouble. Jackson is going to be the class clown. If you haven’t seen already he is really funny. In fact, the other day I said to him, how did you get so funny. To which he replied “Because everyone likes it.” Oh, great, not only is he funny, he knows he is funny. I am a little nervous for him to go to school next year. He may be giving his teacher a run for her money! Continue reading “Dear Jesus.”

From Heather.

22552775_10155864621504413_6653505453604240930_nOh my goodness, y’all, I wish I could explain in words what it means to receive these writings from Heather. I didn’t know what to expect when we chose to have an open adoption but I can tell you I certainly was not expecting this. She opens my eyes to a whole new world. She inspires me to want more out of live. She has changed me. And her words are always so beautiful and inspiring. So very glad we get to share with you our journey from her point of view! Enjoy!

Continue reading “From Heather.”

Me First.

2018-03-30 17.14.57

I know, I have been MIA for a few weeks here on the blog. But don’t you all worry, I am back! We spent a great deal of time with our family over spring break and I even took three days off of work! Which meant, I didn’t spend any time in front of a computer until now! Then my husband had to be out of town for a few days. So I feel like I am just catching my breath again. Continue reading “Me First.”