Pool Party.


I know, I know, I haven’t posted in a while. It has been a crazy busy life this week. But let’s talk about last weekend. This last weekend we spent the weekend at a hotel with Heather and her family. First, who doesn’t love spending the night in a hotel?! Well, I used to love it a lot more. It was so peaceful. Someone else to make my bed for me. Someone else to clean up after me. Sleeping in. Vending machines. Continental breakfasts. Man. I thought Jackson would have slept like a rock he swam and played so hard. But, I was wrong. He slept horrible. And left this mama tired.

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Gotcha Day. Part 3.


I wasn’t planning on turning this into a 3 part series but how ironic that it is three! I also didn’t know I had such a love for the number three. Jackson has loved watching the movie Boss Baby. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest watching it. It is actually pretty cute and has some adult humor in it. But in the movie they are a family of three (going to have another baby) and there is a reference in the movie that being a family of three is like a triangle and the triangle is the strongest shape. Not to mention the adoption triangle or triad I spoke about before. It reminds me of us, every time we watch. That is of course until they become a heart– a family of four! But if you ask Jackson, if you include our cat Miko we are a heart! Continue reading “Gotcha Day. Part 3.”