Heather’s Response

Whoa, Thanksgiving has come and gone just like that. In case you missed my Thanksgiving Day post, check it out here.  But we are now back on track and wanted to share Heather’s response to my baby shower post. And lucky for you guys, her sister Jamie has shared her reaction to my post!!! How cool is that? Continue reading “Heather’s Response”



When praying before we eat, we tell Jackson to tell Jesus three things that he is thankful for. (I just realized the three reference– hahaha, a little slow on the draw sometimes). Sometimes he will look around the room and say I am thankful for, lights, leaves, flowers, birds, etc. Then he will sometimes get silly and say things like, poop, pee, etc. He is constantly trying to be funny!!! Then there are times when he is really sweet and will say, mom, dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Papa, JoJo, and Jesus. Those are the days when I feel like we might be doing something right as parents. Continue reading “Thanksgiving.”

Heather’s Post- Party on the Pavement-2016


In case you have not had a chance to read Heather’s comments on the blog post, I have included them here. It has been so incredibly great for all of us to talk about our relationship and share it here on the blog. I will speak for myself but Heather and I have really grown closer together, I think this blog having a lot to do with it!!! Continue reading “Heather’s Post- Party on the Pavement-2016”

Party on the Pavement-2016

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While we went those weeks and months without seeing Heather, we finally reconnected and decided to go to Party on the Pavement with them in Racine last year (we went again this year and there is a post about it up on the blog).  And, I think this is when our relationship started to turn again. And not bad turn, just turn back to where it was, or at least a start in the right direction. That, and this blog has helped unite us and bring us closer together. There is just something about having the 4 of them (6 if you include the 2 cousins, Heather’s sisters’ children — which yes, we believe are part of our family too!!) hang out together.

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Heather’s Response- Missing Each Other


Heather was hesitant to respond to my last blog post about the period of time that lapsed before we heard from her again or saw them again. I didn’t want you all to not hear her side of the story.  I want you all to know that we love her and have loved her since the beginning of our story.  I may be 100% biased but someone else (a complete stranger to Heather) just said to me “she is a great writer too!! So I had to share!

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First Birthday. Part 2- Heather’s Response.


Aww, Jessica, you just always make me feel so good about myself & I just love you for that! Thank you for always seeing the best in me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for always lifting me up. It seriously has meant the WORLD to me!Jackson’s first birthday party was such a memorable day for so many different reasons. ❤ Continue reading “First Birthday. Part 2- Heather’s Response.”